Hard Impact Records was founded in 2011 by The Chronic.
Initially designed to give space and visibility to new generation producers and the most sought after sounds, over the years Hard Impact Records has become one of the most popular digital labels in the world hardcore scene by publishing and collaborating with already well-known artists.
To keep up with the times and the new musical trends in the sector, in addition to the main label, Dark Impact Records were founded in 2015 and Outbreak Recording at the end of the same year, subsequently Hard Tempo Recordings in 2018.
We don’t know what awaits us in the future, the only certain thing we know is to put commitment, perseverance, professionalism and passion every day at the disposal of hard music.

For informations write to:

HARD IMPACT RECORDS: info@hardimpactrecords.com
DARK IMPACT RECORDS: info.darkimpact@hardimpactrecords.com
OUTBREAK RECORDINGS: info.outbreak@hardimpactrecords.com
HARD TEMPO RECORDING: info.hardtempo@hardimpactrecords.com

For send your demo (with dropbox, wetrasfer etc…):

HARDCORE: demo@hardimpactrecords.com
DARKCORE, INDUSTRIAL: demo.darkimpact@hardimpactrecords.com
FRENCHCORE: demo.outbreak@hardimpactrecords.com
UPTEMPO: demo.hardtempo@hardimpactrecords.com

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