Hard Impact Records is one of the most popular hardcore labels globally of the new scene. Founded by The Chronic in 2011 in Pavia (Italy), has published artists as Raoul (ex The Reactor & Raoul), Goblin, Lem-X, Miss Jay-Kill, Thunder, Freakensis, DJ Macho, KMK, Shockwave and many others. Hard Impact Records is on “Gabber.fm” with the program Hard Impact Records Showcase. From April 2015 opens the new project Dark Impact Records followed by Raoul for the sounds Darkcoreand Darkcore Industrial and Crossbreed.
In September a new project label, Outbreak Recordings followed by Backlash & Hodemar for the sound Frencore, Industrial, Terror, Speedcore.
For informations write to:
HARD IMPACT RECORDS: info@hardimpactrecords.com
DARK IMPACT RECORDS: info.darkimpact@hardimpactrecords.com
OUTBREAK RECORDINGS: info.outbreak@hardimpactrecords.com
For send your demo (with dropbox, wetrasfer etc…):
HARDCORE & UPTEMPO: demo@hardimpactrecords.com
DARKCORE, DARKCORE INDUSTRIAL, CROSSBREED: demo.darkimpact@hardimpactrecords.com
FRENCHCORE, INDUSTRIAL, TERROR, SPEEDCORE: demo.outbreak@hardimpactrecords.com

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