Hard Impact Records is one of the most popular hardcore labels worldwide of the new scene. Founded by The Chronic in 2011, he has published well-known artists on the scene such as Raoul (formerly The Reactor & Raoul), Goblin, Lem-X, and many others, as well as seeking and giving possibilities for publishing new names.
The styles he proposes are:
Hardcore (Main Style), Darkcore, Industrial, Frenchcore, Uptempo.

For informations write to:

HARD IMPACT RECORDS: info@hardimpactrecords.com
DARK IMPACT RECORDS: info.darkimpact@hardimpactrecords.com
OUTBREAK RECORDINGS: info.outbreak@hardimpactrecords.com
HARD TEMPO RECORDING: info.hardtempo@hardimpactrecords.com

For send your demo (with dropbox, wetrasfer etc…):

HARDCORE: demo@hardimpactrecords.com
DARKCORE, INDUSTRIAL: demo.darkimpact@hardimpactrecords.com
FRENCHCORE: demo.outbreak@hardimpactrecords.com
UPTEMPO: demo.hardtempo@hardimpactrecords.com

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