Hard Impact Records



The Chronic – Frenchcore Adventure [OUT048]

Trenderz – Alive [OUT046]

The Chronic – Other Shit! [OUT044]

EKO & The Chronic – Finally To Let My Go [OUT042]

Barotek – Check This Out! [OUT040]

The Chronic – Gone Away [OUT038]

EKO – Your Mad [OUT036]

EKO – EKO Error 404 [OUT034]

MXS – Super Frenchcore [OUT032]

Lethal Beat – Like A Hurricane [OUT030]

Dj Unscarred – Kick Flip Shove It (The Remixes) [OUT028]

Dj Unscarred – Just Fucking Kore [OUT026]

Various Artists – Sounds From The World [OUT024]

Albert feat. Dj Unscarred – Fuck Tha Bic [OUT022]

Heartless – Keeper [OUT020]

Dj Unscarred & Squeezekore – Black Zodiac [OUT018]

Dj Unscarred – Starting From My Head [OUT016]

Gabong – Fight It [OUT014]

Various Artists – Das Module [OUT012]

Various Artists – Ultraviolet [OUT010]

Dj Ikaro – Nameless [OUT008]

Razor Edge – Fractal Observers Vol. 2 [OUT006]

Backlash & Hodemar Vs. Dj Unscarred – Lipstick [OUT004]

Kay Hardcore – Break The Silence [OUT002]

Mättö Mättö Män – Back To Reality [OUT049]

Barotek & Killerstrike – Bass Hermanos [OUT047]

EKO – Blow This Shit Up [OUT045]

The Chronic – Gone Away (EKO Remix) [OUT043]

The Chronic – 2.0 (Chapter 1) [OUT041]

THCore – Paranoia [OUT039]

MXS – French And Roll [OUT037]

The Chronic – First Kontakt [OUT035]

Barotek & Squeezekore – What A F**k Is That! [OUT033]

Freakensis & Kitek – Bloodline [OUT031]

MXS – Murderous [OUT029]

Febo – La Paciente 106 [OUT027]

Various Artists – Early Fucking Frenchcore [OUT025]

Dj Unscarred – Magnetik Reaction [OUT023]

Various Artists – No Distance To Do Music [OUT021]

Dj Unscarred – Just Like This [OUT019]

Raziel – A New Beginning [OUT017]

Various Artists – The Shadow [OUT015]

Various Artists – Mind Trapped [OUT013]

Gabba Hakku – The Good Horror [OUT011]

Jagger – My World, My Wishes [OUT009]

Radioactive – Baphomet [OUT007]

Lysergide – Born In Darkness [OUT005]

Various Artists – Dance Or Die [OUT003]

Various Artists – Born To Be… [OUT001]


Various Artists – Outbreak Recording (Best Of 2021) [OUT-SP01]